Adding Soil

In Texas, we have to take advantage of good weather sandwiched between cold, dreary weather. The past weekend’s 60s made an ideal time to truck in 1.5 cubit feet of compost soil medium (the good stuff) and also to use finishing nails and jute twine to grid off our garden getting ready for planting once we are beyond the frost.

Also used some extra soil to fill-in holes near the driveway. Project supervised by Lena our Australian Shepherd.








New Garden Plot

Working on the construction of our raised bed garden. I took a Horticulture class at an area community college last Spring and fell in love with growing my own organic veggies.

Construction involved using a central 4’x4′ bed given to me by a neighbor and 3/4″ x 6 x 8 untreated cedar boards anchored by 8 inch pieces of square 4″ fir board. Once I get my soil in and amended I will created a grid out of jute twine wrapped around nails placed every foot around the boards.

Have to warn you that once you start playing in dirt, erh, soil you will never want to stop.



Back To Building

I’m pretty embarrassed about how my Mombuilder project got sidetracked.  A few surgeries, lots of sickness and toss in some nasty bad weather and I’ve not had much time to do what I want to do except think and plan. 

Have a few things in the works including a raised bed garden, an end table and setting up a workshop in my garage. 

Recommendations on a few necessary tools for woodworking are appreciated!

Today’s Inspiration


If you want to learn about how to create raised garden beds, trim bushes/trees, and landscape design this is an excellent book.

Also recommend if you are in the Corinth/Shady Shores / Denton / Flower Mound / Lewisville, Texas area or in Gainesville, Texas that you take the NCTC Horticulture 101 course with Ashley Hartman. Amazing course that taught me a lot!


Here is where my camera phone comes up wanting.  This is a beautiful trivet that I received for free that is going to get incorporated into my backyard.  Trying to decide if I want to add some stain to it.  Has an Black Forest Germany feel to it.   I love it!


These are from my garden that I created during my Horticulture class.  I still maintain my bed (and the plots of others) daily.  I can’t bare to think of all of our hard work going to waste when the harvest is amazing.

I’m pulling radishes, potatoes, peas, romaine lettuce, champion lettuce, green onions, chives, tiny carrots, cilantro, spinach, kale, basil, dill, fennel (good grief fennel can really take over a garden!), ice radishes, collards, broccoli and cabbage.  Yum!

A Work In Progress: Reclaimed Bench

A few weeks ago Kay-Kat found a bench sitting curbside next to garbage bins that she had to have.

While we aren’t done yet, here is our progress on reclaiming it:


20130513-042734.jpg Andrew adding pre-stain.

20130513-042747.jpg Alexa adding pre-stain.


TOP of bench: Using Minwax Deep Ocean and Onyx water-based stains.  The butterfly designs achieved by using stickers.  After everything dried I pulled the stickers off and used a “natural” stain to cover the wood.
Thoughts to finish this out – using a tiny paint brush go over butterfly outline with a light blue paint.  Also thinking of adding to the butterflies by utilizing our fingerprints to accent the wings.


When you don’t have a saw horse you make do.  😉  In our case, the handles of two recyclable bins work perfectly!

Toiletpaper Roll Firestarters

I have never been a big fan of toilet paper roll crafts (something about unwashed hands touching the roll. lol) but, hey, instead of recycling here is an excellent way to utilize your old empty cardboard toilet paper rolls. As to the germs on the toilet paper roll, doesn’t fire kill germs? It’s worth a shot.

Leann's Tastes

We love building fires in our firepit int the backyard.  In the summer when you have friends or family over it is always fun to hang out in the backyard with a couple of beers around the fire! Adam always builds the fire and if it isn’t a fast starting fire or if he has any problems he always pulls out the classic “lighter fluid” which I hate! It scares the crap out of me when he douces the wood and pit with fluid and then throws a match!  Whommmmp! Instant large flames!  Scary big!  He does this when we are camping too, but in the backyard? Really!?!


I am so excited to have seen these great toilet paper roll firestarters and want to share with everyone!  They work ahhh-mazing and rock a fire for sure!  So easy, so simple, so ingenius! Not to mention totally frugal and they don’t…

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